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Wanderlust—Without the Rust!

Ladderiture #1

There would be many to say that ladders are a very serious topic, and that there isn't a lot of room to be lighthearted about the roof-mounted ladder on your RV. We would agree with that, and add it would not be a bad thing to at least celebrate how far we have come with ladders on RVs.

Maybe the biggest thing for us—ladders don't rust anymore! Plus, the environmentally-friendly coating that we use is considered green because it does not have any waste products, nor does it release harmful gasses.

Our ladders are powder coated, which is different than paint. Particles are electrostatically bonded to the aluminum and then baked. Powder coating includes a plastic that actually melts to the metal and creates a thick, hard-to-scratch coating. With paint, a solvent needs to evaporate so that it is dry to the touch, but paint scratches easily.

Even though powder coating will protect the surface and integrity of your ladder, we recommend wiping it down with a damp rag and a mild solution of soap and water. This will help prevent dirt from entering the connection points (acting like sandpaper over the miles), and from further weakening your ladder. Fasteners are steel-plated but may need automotive protectants against rust if onset is detected, which can often be the case after a few years in coastal areas.

We love knowing that your ladder surfaces are protected from rust. It wasn't that long ago when rust was a major problem. It is a problem best left in the past!

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