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Briter Products Exterior Ladders are the First RVIA-Compliant Ladders on the Market


South Bend, IN—Briter Products, Inc., an engineered transportation-solutions provider based in South Bend, Indiana, is proud to announce that their RV external ladders are the first to be RVIA compliant. They comply to the ANSI/EXTLADDER-1 Recommended Practice Laboratory Test Procedures for the External Ladders on Recreational Vehicles standard.

A committed leader for high-quality transportation products, Briter Products Inc.’s design approach combines the lightweight advantages of installed aluminum ladders with the RV Industry’s standards for safety and reliability.

“In previous years, an RV's roof was an underutilized resource. Now with equipment such as air conditioners, communications equipment, and solar panels, safe and reliable access to the roof has never been more important,” says Avanti Lalwani, President of Briter Products.

Developed by a committee of RV manufacturers, component vendors, testing labs and others, the EXTLADDER Standard includes testing criteria to validate the ladder's weight capacity at different locations and distances from the RV, the ladder's attachment points to the RV, and it's resistance to road forces. According to the RVIA, “one of the objectives of this standard is to better ensure a safe and secure environment and promote safety among manufacturers and consumers.”

To achieve a higher level of safety and standard compliance, Briter Products, Inc.:

  • Installed a complete ladder testing laboratory with new test equipment compliant to the ANSI EXTLADDER-1 standard

  • Collaborated with RV OEM to maintain compliance to the standard while adapting the ladder to each RV’s specific design

  • Tests various materials to ensure constant improvement for different travel conditions

Located in South Bend, IN, Briter Products is an experienced leader in developing transportation solutions for recreational and governmental customers for various applications. Our long reputation in local and global industry guarantees access to the latest technical developments and procedures, equipment, and test methods. We put technology to work for you.


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