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The Summer Got a Lot Briter!

Twice the Power, Half the Weight, 5-year Unlimited Warranty, and a Lifetime of Memories

  • High powered - 12 Volt 100 Amp 

  • Twice the depth of discharge of lead acid or AGM technology 

  • Always know the state of charge with state of charge display

  • Light weight - 39 to 41 lbs.  

  • Fits almost anywhere - size class 27 or 31 available

  • No need to add water with its dry chemistry

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • Engineered and designed for RVs

The Design Makes It Different

Our Dedication to Quality Creates Unsurpassed Safety Features

Briter is dedicated to providing the best possible technology with an emphasis on safety and quality components as we design and engineer our products. As a result, there's been several reports of them surviving fires! Experience the safety that Briter brings!

The Products Have Survived Fires!

A Florida dealership was a total loss after a Level 5 fire. However, the Ion-Ready battery, our Vitrifrigo refrigerator, and the solar charge controller are all working!  Here is what they said: 


"Your battery & solar charger are alive.  The Vitrifrigo refrigerator, although dented, is getting cold.  All of your products have survived a Category 5 fire as well as major water flooding. Several fire departments flooded the building for over 3 hours trying to put the fire out. Your equipment is all working today. Of course, these things could have blown up or just not worked at all—
this is ALL beyond impressive!"



From quality construction designed for long-term sustainability, to cutting-edge technology, you won’t find another battery like Briter on the market. We’ve taken great care in the mechanical construction of the battery by adding extra safety features, as well as unique features you won't find on other batteries like the state-of-charge display. Experience the quality that Briter brings!

  • LCD Display
    Double-check the battery’s charge and your DC power system with Briter’s unique LCD display

  • Bluetooth Energy
    Levels can be monitored from your device with the Bluetooth option

  • Long Life
    Our lithium-ion battery can last 2000–5000 cycles

  • The Best Warranty in the U.S.
    We offer a 5-year warranty with each purchase. If parts are needed after that point, the batteries can be “reset” with new parts. No need to buy a completely new battery!
    (Additional warranty available for FMCA members.)

  • Lowest Cost per energy cycle

Briter's Unique State-of-Charge Display


What Our Customers Are Saying


"The workmanship on the installation was superb. After using their batteries over the last eight months, they have proven to be a perfect choice for our needs and we are extremely pleased with them. Their after-sale customer service is excellent as well.” 

 —Larry N.

“We highly recommend Briter Products and their Lithium-Ion battery solution.  We are very satisfied with both the batteries and our experience with Briter Products.”     —Phil & Helen T.

Exceptionally Engineered for Your Choice of Adventure

Groundbreaking technology 
and versatile design advances 
battery performance and adaptability.  Engineered for changing locations, multiple sources of charging power 
and efficient discharge ensure fearless boondocking, safe travels, and all the
comforts of home.


Confidence at Every Turn

Always know how much power you have left on your battery from your electronic device or from the battery itself!

Optimized for
Solar Energy

The optimal design with lithium-ion chemistries ensures highly-efficient
solar energy storage. 


Battery Life

Lithium-Ion energy sources have, on average, 3 to 10 times the life of conventional batteries.

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