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Heightened Altitudes, Heightened Performance!

We are on the road to an RV Show, and the drive gave us time to chat about the importance of product design and how it relates to the experience of the RVers.

There is always an element of surprise, creative invention, and multi-purposing in the experiences of RVers. (And how we do enjoy hearing your creativity and experiences!) We have noticed that now there is a new attitude and approach in the community—doing more with less—and that approach translates to freedom and security at camp and on the trail.

The thought on our minds right now: "Is there any part of an RV that can be considered a second priority?" We see a lot of RVs, and with time, the answer approaches "no."

The question came up recently because recently our ladders were tested to be ANSI/RVIA compliant to the EXTLADDER-1 standard. The RVIA committee on external ladders, which included Briter Products, developed the standard over many years. The objective of bridging the communication gap between RV manufacturers and RVers is no small task, because it is critical for safety.

Briter Products, Inc. is the first ladder manufacturer to offer an external ladder that is compliant to the standard!

We had been hoping for the standard’s ratification for a long time; because using the ladder on your RV should not include biting your nails first as you worry about safety.

RV rooftops used to have space for luggage or even seating for chairs. But now, rooftops are fitted with solar panels, air conditioners, skylights, communication equipment, and more. Normal maintenance and the occasional malfunction makes your ladder a critical part of camping. Without a reliable ladder, how can snow or sand be dusted off a solar panel? Could air conditioner covers be tightened down? How could a loosened limb be removed? Would your RV be safe without having access to your roof in remote locations? Could you produce the power you need if the solar panels are covered? As with everything else in your RV, living in it means caring for it.

The specific material compositions that Briter uses for weight capacity, anti-fatiguing, and weather resistance ensure that your rooftops are accessible and your camping experiences become positive memories.

As our ladders reach new heights in design and reliable performance, so does your overall RV experience. Good design should be commonplace in our experiences, and we look forward to hearing your stories and memories.


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