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Rearview Mirror Monitor

Rearview Mirror Monitor


Rearview Mirror Monitor with MirrorLink Technology

Part Number: FK-073MAM

This rearview mirror streams maps, tracks vehicles, and removes your blind spots!

Driving your RV safely means being aware of your driving environment and everything in it.  The Reaview Mirror Monitor with MirrorLink Technology is specifically designed for safely driving an RV.  Linked to left, right, rear, and front facing video cameras,  real time views of the surroundings make defensive driving easy.   With correct positioning of the cameras, blind spots can be eliminated.  Its ultra bright display, 10 modes of split screen choices, and connection to your smart phone via MirrorLink allows control and access to views.

  • Mirrors your smart device

  • Streams maps

  • Access to rearview video and reversing imagery

  • Display switches to left, right, and reverse views if turning or backing up

  • Works as a mirror

  • 170⁰ degree viewing angle

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