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Lithium Ion Battery Bank

Lithium Ion Battery Bank


Lithium Ion Battery Bank

Part No. BP48V300AH

48 volts and 300 amp hours packed into a single case sized for an RV's generator compartment.


We are proud to introduce our new battery bank.


Designed to replace or supplement a generator on long trips with limited power, it sports a remote mounted LCD display with critical information about its state of charge. Our battery bank’s LCD isn’t the only way it can talk to you, it also offers Ethernet, Can Bus and Serial Data Communications capabilities. The form factor is customizable and, when paired with the charger and inverter appropriate to your rig, the single input and output interface allows plug-and-play operation.


The NCM (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide) chemistry is top-rated for safety and has a 30% higher density rating than Lithium Iron Phosphate cells.  NCM also provides a higher energy output with lower self-heating. Briter Products’ Battery Bank will last up to 2,000 cycles at 100% depth of charge.


Briter Products, Inc. builds things to last! Our Lithium-Ion battery bank is housed in a cold rolled steel case with robotically torqued and bolted connections and weather proof connectors. It’s designed for interior and exterior mounting.

It will make a fantastic addition to your RV products.

Chemistry NCM (Lithium Nickel Cobalt Manganese Oxide)
Voltage 48V Nominal
Capacity 300Ah
Dimensions L 31.5"(80cm) x W 18.1"(46cm) x H 11.4"(29cm)
Weight 260lbs (118kg)
Cycles up to 2,000 cycles (dependant on depth of charge)
Storage Temps. (@ 1/2 charge)
≤ 1 month -22°F (-30°C)~113°F (45°C)
≥ 1 month -22°F (-30°C)~77°F (25°C)


*In Prototype, Specifications subject to change

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