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MDAS-9 Collision Avoidance System

Advanced Collision Avoidance System


Movon Driver Assistance System


Part No. MDAS-9


This advanced driver collision avoidance system provides leading-edge technology for driver safety!  Briter Products’ MDAS system uses machine vision and recognition technology to safeguard against drowsy or reckless driving with both visual and audio notifications.  The system notifies the driver of impact with objects based on driver speed, camera data, and driving conditions.

  • Pedestrian Detection: Identifies the presence of Pedestrians

  • Pedestrian Collision Warning: Warns driver of Pedestrians in the moving vehicle's path

  • Forward Collision Warning: Provides warning of impending impact

  • Lane Departure Warning: Alerts driver when crossing the edge of the lane without signal

  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm: Alerts driver when front vehicle begins moving but installed vehicle is delayed by more than 2 seconds.

  • Forward Proximity Warning: Notifies driver when it detects a vehicle within detection range

  • 2 Channel DVR: Records scenes before and after a collision or other critical situation from both forward and rear cameras.

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