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Roof Access Ladder with Close up

83.5" Jayco Roof Access Ladder 0.090.227


83.5" Jayco Roof Access Ladder 0.090.227

12.5" Wide with Five Steps

Jayco part number 0301256

The ladders are built with lightweight but sturdy aluminum to endure the elements outside the RV.

These rooftop ladders, by RV ladder manufacter Jayco, are ideal for use as an:

  • RV exterior ladder
  • RV roof ladder
  • RV replacement ladder


Multiple sizes of RV exterior ladders available. Please check out our listings for the current inventory, or contact us to order a custom-sized ladder.

  • Lightweight aluminum design

  • Capable of withstanding 900lbs (408kg) load tests

  • Ladders can be custom-built to your specifications

  • Anodizing and powder coating options available

  • We produce both bunk and roof access ladders

  • Just-in-Time Services Provided

  • Stocking Programs in environmentally controlled warehouse

  • Efficient packaging: Less waste, Less clean-up

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