Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Bunk Ladder

58" Bunk Ladder: Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, 4 Steps


58" Pink Bunk Ladders with 4 Steps

With every pink bunk ladder purchased, Briter Products donates a portion of the proceeds toward breast cancer awareness.


​Light weight but sturdy, our bunk ladders are customized to fit your needs.

They are perfect for use as a: 

  • 58" motorhome bunk bed ladder
  • loft bed ladder
  • camper bed ladder


Need to order a custom-length? Please give us a call or contact us through the contact form. Bunk ladders of 54", 58", and 66" are available in the store for direct purchase.

  • Lightweight Aluminum Design

  • Sturdy: capable of withstanding 900lbs (408kg) load tests

  • Custom-built to your Specifications

  • Anodizing and Powder coating options available

  • We produce both bunk and roof access ladders

  • Just-in-Time Services provided

  • Stocking Programs in environmentally-controlled warehouse

  • Variety of hook options available

  • Efficient packaging: Less waste, Less clean-up