Ion-Ready™ Battery

Top LCD Display

Name: Ion-Ready™ Battery Top Display

Part No.: BP12V100AH-T

Description​: Lithium Iron Deep-Cycle 12V 100Ah battery with top panel SOC LCD

Plugins are not limits

Designed exclusively for the RV, the Ion-Ready battery leads with the groundbreaking State of Charge Display. At a glance, read real time information about the power being used, power remaining, and when to recharge, so you never have to guess how much power you've got left.

Protection starts in our cells                                      

From cell chemistry to wires coatings to prismatic cell architecture leading to the proprietary battery management system's administration of the pack architecture, demanding performance and safety standards advanced Ion-Ready's systems of control to insure safety and reliability.


Energetic results

Running efficiently at peak performance for thousands of cycles, the Ion-Ready battery is a high energy density option for direct replacement for lead acid, gel, or agm batteries.   Fast charging, tolerant of harsh environments, and requiring zero maintenance over a longer service and shelf life, the Ion-Ready battery is ready when needed.

Technical Specifications


  • Long life cycle -last several years, up to 5000 cycles

  • Higher in Energy Density

  • BMS - records life data for diagnostics

  • Fast Charging - 2 hours

  • Internal cell balance maintained by the built in BMS

  • Cold Start function

  • Harsh Environment tolerance

  • Advanced safety protections

  • System of Health displays power levels, remaining power and when to recharge in real time

  • Internal thermometer

  • Zero Maintenance

  • Pack architecture

  • Individual cell fusing

  • Cell Thermal runaway isolation

  • BMS monitored power, temperature and charging

  • Short Circuit protection

  • Less weight and volume compared to lead acid batteries

  • Excellent charging and discharging performance

  • Wider operational temperature range

  • Longer shelf life

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Power back up

  • Robust with cold rolled steel casing

  • Reliable

  • Our own BMS for better performance and service

  • Flame retardant materials

  • Flexible

  • Extreme Temperature Performance

  • Waterproof and dust proof to IP56

  • Intrinsically safe due to its robotically torqued and epoxy sealed connection which won't back-out from vibration

  • Low noise

  • User friendly with plug and play and backwards compatiblity


*dependant on charger. Contact us for Briter Products, Inc. charger recommendations

Technical Details

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