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Solar systems provide freedom, security, quality, and reliability

Customized Solar Options Allow You
to Travel Anywhere

Wondered about RV-ing with solar, but don't know where to start? At Briter, we customize and install RV solar systems giving you the freedom to travel anywhere you'd like.  


Call or schedule a free-for-members consultation with our engineering team to learn more about a solar system that is designed for your RV and power goals.

Becoming Power Independent



Briter Products Installed a turn-key solar panel solution on my motorhome. With 1200 Watts of Solar Panels on the roof, I no longer need to run my generator 12 hours a day.  They extended my boondocking time and my freedom from the RV Park.  Thank You Briter!

If you’re thinking about a solar panel installation for your RV, don’t Over-Think it.  Think Briter Products.

Thank you Briter!




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The Future Looks Briter — Ion-Ready Lithium Batteries

Unsurpassable and Efficient Solar Storage Provides a Lifetime of Memories

  • High powered - 12 Volt 100 Amp 

  • Twice the depth of discharge of lead acid or AGM technology 

  • Always know the state of charge with state of charge display

  • Light weight - 39 to 41 lbs.  

  • Fits almost anywhere - size class 27 or 31 available

  • No need to add water with its dry chemistry

  • Bluetooth compatible

  • Engineered and designed for RVs

I love knowing how many hours I have left in my battery before I need to recharge. 

Dick H., regarding the battery-mounted state-of-charge display

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EXCLUSIVE FMCA Member Benefits

  • Member pricing on multiple products

  • Member Warranty:
    5 Years + 5-Year Extended Warranty available

  • Member service rate for installation at shows

  • Dedicated FMCA phone line at 1-833-BRITER1

Ion-Ready FMCA Member Price $1199

Any questions?  1-833-BRITER1

Exceptionally Engineered for Your Choice of Adventure

Groundbreaking technology 
and versatile design advances 
battery performance and adaptability.  Engineered for changing locations, multiple sources of charging power 
and efficient discharge ensure fearless boondocking, safe travels, and all the comforts of home.


Confidence at Every Turn

Always know how much power you have left on your battery from your electronic device or from the battery itself!

Optimized for
Solar Energy

The optimal design with lithium-ion chemistries ensures highly-efficient
solar energy storage. 


Battery Life

Lithium-Ion energy sources have, on average, 3 to 10 times the life of conventional batteries.

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